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We provide Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Customers with

Reliable and affordable solar-power solutions

At Prosolar Energy, our solar home systems, and solar diesel hybrid systems
reduces your energy bills by up to 30%, while providing your home and
business with constant electricity on demand.

Sales of Solar Equipments

Purchase high quality Solar equipment like Solar panels, Batteries, Inverter and many more from us.

Solar And Inverter System Integration

Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home.

Streetlight Installation

Using Solar energy to light up our streets. we are involved in mini to large sized projects that are powering many communities.

Pumps And Irrigation Engineering

Regions without reliable access to electricity can benefit from renewable energies.

Save Money, Enjoy the good life!
Providing Value To Our Clients Through Affordable and Reliable Products & Services.

With our solar system, you can be rest assured of quality equipment to meet your day to day energy needs. Fill the form to request our services now.

Projects And Systems
Yet those that embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever.
Qualified Employees
& Workers With Us
You can be rest assured of your engineering expertise, attention to details and zeal for quality service delivery.
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    Fostering Growth
    of Solar Energy!
    Our vision is to develop 100MW of renewable energy power projects by 2030.
    Prosolar Energy is a fast growing Solar Energy Company. We provide
    Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy !

    The increase in extreme weather events and rising sea levels are unmistakable signs of climate change. Roughly 850 million of people still without access to electricity, which is the foundation of sustainable development. How can we meet growing demand for electricity while protecting our climate?

    Dipo Owolabi
    Co-Founder, Prosolar Energy
    Making Tomorrow Different Today.
    We energize Society With Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

    In recent years, the cost of solar components have continued to reduce, while efficiency has increased. This trajectory motivated us to start Prosolar Energy as a company that will help meet your energy needs.

    We want to ensure that our customers do have have the power and energy challenges such as high cost of diesel or petrol, unreliable and expensive energy from the grid, monthly maintenance cost on power generators.

    Together, we believe we can make living life more enjoyable and affordable.

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    Select from our wide range of high quality solar components with warranty and repair service centers near you.
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    Whether you want to install the system on your own or hire local contractors directly managing the installation.
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